devin+mia • wedding collection

I had filmed devin+mia's wedding in March, in which I had done some highlighted photography as well.  

To see more details into the wedding, watch the devin+mia wedding film in HD below. 

Leoh Emerson's 2nd Birthday

I had filmed his birthday again this year (which I plan on doing every year so we can watch them on the TV once he's older). I loved watching the one from his first birthday this past year, so I knew how important it was to keep doing so. Watching my baby grow up is bittersweet. I love the man he becomes, and I cherish the baby he is while longing for him to always be attached in my arms. 

Lanzarote (February 2015)

I like to add a sense of personalism to my blog! I love being able to film and photograph the people allow me to be in their lives, I also love to be able to do the same in my personal life to treasure these moments for eternity. I live by what I preach, and that is to cherish the memories that are passing by each moment in time. I love being able to watch the films again and again, although they aren't to my "professional" standard, they are quirky, and they are mine. I took a trip with my family to Lanzarote, the Canary Island's in February. 

This trip was particularly special because we had found out we were pregnant with our second child the week prior. This was special for our son because we wanted him to celebrate with us (even though he still hasn't quite grasped the new baby concept), he got to feel the energy of excitement. This is as important and if not more for him, this is going to be his partner in crime and his best friend.

There is nothing I love more in this world than my family.