My Story 



I was born in New York (USA), and moved to the United Kingdom in 2013 for 5 years. I have always been very creative, I started writing at a very young age. I would write screen plays and novels, which lead to my journalism career. I worked for a variety of different genres of magazines, between music and art to business and travel. I always had a bit of a travel bug, I wanted to see the world very early on and started traveling on my own at the age of 16 years old. I began my career in photography when I was also 16 years old, and would photograph whilst traveling. This built my character, as well as my passion. I started INSPIRER Magazine in 2009, which was based on to build the inspirations around the world that I was seeing for myself. I had a very big influence by music, and I felt it was very important to discuss the most inspirational musicians. I began studying film in college, and learned the ins and outs behind the industry. This lead me later in life to pursue more into a cinematography career, in which I began more so in 2014. Ever since, I have pursued to push further in the writing, photography and cinematography industry. 

I was very shy as a child, and found myself to only build confidence when I was behind a camera. I learned to work well with individuals who are confident as well as others who are like myself, and aim to make them the most comfortable and natural as possible. 


I was blessed with two beautiful boys, Leoh Emerson and Hudson Mavericks. The moment they were born, a new side of creativity had formed as well. I found inspiration in keeping the memories of my children, which built an emotional factor that plays in my career today. They are my light, and my soul. They built my character daily, and give me drive to always push to be better. I strive to only make them proud, and to give them the life that I know they deserve. I also strive to photograph their life as I hope they can remember being, filled with joy and peace. My career will always be very important to me, but my children will always come first. 


Fun Facts

  • I'm absolutely crazy in love with Mexican food. 
  • Favourite band of all time is Explosions in the Sky 
  • My biggest dream is to travel the world and photograph tribes in other countries. 
  • First on my bucket list is to hold a baby lion.
  • I'm extremely quirky, but find that it's just my character.
  • If I wasn't going to do a creative career, I would of finished University to be a Child Psychologist
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